We are one of the few authorized dealership from Silvercrest Homes that specialize in tiny homes. Silvercrest has a long history of building high quality manufactured homes. Specialized in RV park model homes, Hidden Mesa Estates is a manufactured home dealership where your home can be customized online! We are also a “RV Park model only” community in California should you decide to keep your new home with us after purchasing it.


  • Silvercrest dealer with pipeline of new homes coming in monthly
  • Silvercrest local Corona based factory to minimize lead time and transportation delays
  • Dealership is a part of “RV Park Models ONLY” housing community for you to avoid cost of moving your home after purchase
  • Many homes in the community for you to see

Every home is manufactured by the most reputable company, Silver Crest Homes, which provide high quality homes at a low cost.With innovative designs and sufficient living, our community allows a simpler yet fulfilling lifestyle while liberating the headaches of stressful mortgage and utility payments. All homes are categorized as park models with a smaller square footage of under 400 sf to ensure an efficient ownership process. Hidden Mesa Estates impacts the modern way of living with compact yet comfortable accommodations. We provide small but mighty home living arrangements with affordable payments.

Athens 01

260 Square Feet │ 1 Bedroom │ 1 Bathroom │ Park Model RV│ CALL FOR PRICING

Athens 06

— Square Feet │ 1 Bedroom │ 1 Bathroom │ Park Model RV│ CALL FOR PRICING

Sierra SLO8

398 Square Feet │ 1 Bedroom │ 1 Bathroom │ Park Model RV │ CALL FOR PRICING

CALL FOR PRICING  (760) 123- 1234