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Semi Truck Equipment Financing

By March 15, 2022No Comments

In industries like ours of manufactured homes, a wide variety of machinery is needed to fulfill the job, but we also needed a semi truck so we could carry that machinery and bring high-quality service to our customers. However, that kind of equipment is expensive and a significant investment for our company, which we couldn’t afford at that moment, not until we met Equipment Financings, a finance company that helped us to get the semi truck we needed with the best terms. That’s why we want to take this time and space to not only thank them but also recommend them, so other companies like ours can get the chance to grow and get a Semi truck financing as simply and quickly as we did. 

Why did we choose Equipment Financings to help us with Semi Truck Equipment Financing? Well, since we didn’t have enough funds to purchase a semi truck, we opted to look for a finance company that helped us by giving us a loan that worked best for our budget and needs. We thought it would be hard to find one that we could trust with our money but then we found Equipment Financings and realized that we could rely on them and so we did so. And until the day we are very grateful for that choice. 

The process was easy and simple, we applied for the loan and they approved us very quickly which allowed us to purchase our semi truck as soon as possible. They explained how everything worked and offered us many options, terms and conditions so we could choose what fitted us best.  They were with us through the whole process and answered all our questions and doubts. We honestly couldn’t be more grateful for that. Getting an equipment loan can be scary for us who are new to this, but with Equipment Financings, you can rest assured that they will work to give you the best solution, customized just for your business.

As we mentioned above, we truly recommend Equipment Financings for semi truck financing or other types of equipment. They can help you fund up to 100% of what you need to purchase and use the equipment you require. They will walk you through the whole process step by step, set you up with an easy payment plan, and provide free financing reports until you are satisfied with their personalized financing solution. 

If you’re a business in Southern California and are looking for different financing options to purchase equipment as we did, Equipment financings have the knowledge and experience to give you access to it without having any money upfront. They will offer you flexible terms, free consultations, and personalized services. 


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